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                YLXBEAUTY LIMITED

                Founded in 2006, we start from design, mold manufacturing, manufacturing components, printing, assembling, testing and packing, all completed in our factory, which help use well-controlled the production cost but also offering top quality product.


                More than 14 years experiences specializes in teeth whitening business, we have good relationships with all clients, our products have been sold to more than 130 different countries and regions all over the world.


                All our R&D teeth whitening products, we have applied certificate of design patent, certificate of utility model patent, certificate of invention patent. We also applied CE, FDA, ISO22716 and GMP certificates.

                OEM SERVICE

                Serving global users is our goal, we can also customized any whitening product. You only need to place an order, don't worry product quality, delivery time and production capacity.


                12, 800 ㎡ industrial park, with complete laboratory, mold workshop, production workshop, test workshop, assembly workshop and warehouse, updating industrial chain and manufacture ability.